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Prototype Feedback Welcomed

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I'm currently setting up the mechanics of a JRPG set in the world of Dark Ages Britain, based on half-reality, half-fantasy. The game tells the story of young orphan, Arthur Pendragon, raised by Merlin to reclaim the throne from his evil uncle, King Gorlain of Dumnonia. As such, he has learned to use magic, and the game tackles religion and religious discrimination between Catholicism and the Old Religion, as well as racial tension between Romanized Britons, Angles, Saxons, and remaining Celtic tribes.


I'm curious what people think about the battle system. It's a hybrid action/strategy system, similar to KH/FFXV. Please excuse the low graphics setting and lack of clothing.


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Basically, there is not much I can tell, as I think you are going to implement way more. The first impression is pretty good in my opinion.

Now what I think you have to work on is the UI. Why do the life bars have different colors? Also, the light blue boxes may not fit the medieval setting. Try to use brown, silver, gold or something like this. Since the game is about Arthus, you may want to use a golden color to symbolize wealth or power.

What do the icons on the left mean? And why is "Attack" selected?

I never played KH or FFXV, so it is not obvious for me.

Are you working on this game alone or in a team?

Anyways, keep up the good work and stick to your game. There's definitely potential. :)

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Thanks for your feedback. Right now, I'm working on this by myself. I want to see how much I can flesh out into a viable project/property before including anyone else.

For Arthur's status bar:

HP is player health

Focus is basically mana or MP and requires the player to meditate in nature to recover.

Fatigue requires the player to sleep for the night to recharge, otherwise lack of sleep will reduce the ability of the player to see the world, slowly losing screen color and resolution.

Hunger requires the player to eat for the day, otherwise lack of food will effect their health, slowly killing them from starvation,

As far as Attack being selected, there are four buttons/modes the player can access by clicking arrow down on their keyboard or gamepad down on their controller. This wakes the "Action Menu" which can give the player control over Attack (Block, Low Slash, Thrust, High Slash, Combos) (PS4: Square, X, O, Triangle, or Combinations), Magic (Block, Regular, Projectile, Charged, Combos), Adrenaline, which is a skilled attack, or Items. The Attack menu functionality has been fully fleshed out, sans animations at this time,


A big part of the player's experience will be camping or sleeping/eating at inns or camp sites to recharge and role play. Deer, rabbits, fish, preserved foodstuffs, fruits, and vegetables can be hunted or gathered to cook with.

Towns and cities will have minigames common to the period, like Backgammon, Horseshoes, Roman boardgames, etc.

The plan is to flesh out the UIs prototype all required mechanics and one minigame (say fishing or a Roman boardgame) and then take the minigame that's built out of that, and spin it off as a mobile title. That way, while the main game is being fleshed out, there can be a revenue stream from the side-built stuff to hire people or pay for assets for the main title,

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