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C++ Wrong parameters in void call

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for (int i=0; i < 3; i++)
	PROJECTION_FORMS[i].Initialize(&grid_size, &FPP_CAM, &grid_shader, Font, &FULLSCR_VBUFF,
		&projection_background_color, &projection_grid_color, &projection_line_thickeness,
		first_model_object, &wireframe_shader, i, &projection_line_thickeness);//this line seems to be causing problem





	void Initialize(float * grid_size_ptr, TSpecCamera * spectator, TShaderObject * gridshader, TGLFont * afont,
			unsigned int * afullscrvbuff,
	vec3 * abgcol, vec3 * gridcol, float * lthick, TachoGLModel<float> * afirst_model_object, TShaderObject * awireframeshader,
	int init_projection, vec3 * awireframe_color)



and where

struct TMainModelEditor : public TGLForm
	TGLForm * Forms[ max_net_forms ];
	TGLForm * actual_visible_form;

TachoGLModel<float> * first_model_object;

TSideProjectionForm PROJECTION_FORMS[3];

TShaderObject grid_shader;
TShaderObject wireframe_shader;
TShaderObject projection_shader;
TShaderObject projection_selection_shader;
TShaderObject fppview_shader;
TShaderObject fppview_selection_shader;

float grid_size;
TSpecCamera FPP_CAM;
TGLFont * Font;

unsigned int FULLSCR_VBUFF;
T2DVertex fvbuff[4];

vec3 projection_background_color;
vec3 projection_grid_color;
float projection_line_thickeness;
vec3 projection_wireframe_color;

vec3 selection_color;




seems like all pointers are setup good except not

Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
no matching function for call to 'TSideProjectionForm::Initialize(float*, TSpecCamera*, TShaderObject*, TGLFont*&, unsigned int*, vec3*, vec3*, float*, TachoGLModel<float>*&, TShaderObject*, int&, float*)'    main_framework.h    /WiredNavalBattle/jni/Editor/netforms    line 80    C/C++ Problem


looks like compiler somewhat converts TachoGLModel<float> * to TachoGLModel<float>*&, why is that?

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Well, I notice you're trying to pass...

float projection_line_thickeness;

... into the last parameter, which seems to expect...

vec3 * awireframe_color


This is partially obscured by the very strange design pattern you seem to be using, of passing a large number of references (normally something only done for in/out parameters, not in-only parameters) into three foreign objects, each of which is expected to initialize... something? Themselves? The objects passed in?

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Lol i didnt see that thanks alot, anyway to your confusion, map editor contains, parameters as lets say color of a projection grid since we can project from side/front/top i initialuze 3 windows that need the same params, i dont have then to load shader 3 times but only once in main class, its a part of really bigger story, vcl/windows for android....

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