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DX11 Screen capture (print screen) from my DX11 game while in full screen

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While I am running my directX11 engine in windowed mode, I can use the snipping too to get a screen cap of it. However, if I run it in full screen and hit print screen button,

and try to copy paste that into paint or photoshop, it has nothing - print screen isnt capturing the image for some reason, and I cant use snipping tool to get the screen

cap while its in full screen?


Is there some setting or soemthing thats not allowing windows to detect the game while it's in full screen?

Very important to get these captures for my portfolio, and if I capture it in windowed mode, it looks really bad and low res.


Heres a link to the D3D class in my engine for reference


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


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There are various tools that can do this for you. Here's a couple of examples:

- http://www.fraps.com/ Can capture screenshots and videos.

- https://renderdoc.org/ - This is a graphics debugger, that can be very handy for other things too, but it also lets you save any render target out as an image.

If you're using Windows 10, you can also just press Windows Key + G to capture images and videos from games.

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Best to use a capture program for this. FRAPS is very old and my not be reliable for all programs. On Windows, you can use MSI Afterburner, or the apps that come with your graphics card (Nvidia ShadowPlay or AMD ReLive).

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