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New game idea (Development) looking for coders

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Hello everyone,

My name is Ashley and i own an unpublished business that has a game in current development, we have skilled members that you get to know about, there is even a about everyone channel in our discord which shows what everyone does also i use a system where it shows if your from eu, uk, us, eu and many more this help us with our communication. We have done many things with the game, to able to process it faster we need more coders to fulfil the goal towards the game.

We are Making a infinite runner game called Dive!, where you jump from a spaceship(escape aliens) but before you did that you picked up the most powerful glove in the whole world which brings us to our new mechanic were bringing in its going to be very enjoyable,after you jump you doge obstacles and you see how long you last,but they are two game modes the progressive runner which has a backstory to it and the infinite runner, the longer you last the background changes, first scene is going to be a 3d (cinematic) its in thirdperson. we have all assets in the unity cloud and the google drive , also we will have many different animation while were falling which you can still bring in ideas, for example what type of obstacles we doge, the background changing and the game is still in a lot development were using some thing temporarily. Any questions dm i will gladly answer you

I just wanted to know if their was anyone willing to join us to finish this game more coders and are needed  


If the game goes well and we earn some money, you may get some but when your join your going to have to sign a contract. Here is some assets that for the  game that we made but we have also done many things on unity such as implementing the controls and objects come to you also collecting coins.

Here is our discord my name is willo in discord:

Many thanks,


action.jpegunknown.pngunknown (1).png


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