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How is this...info on game set....characters...ai.....creatures

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Name= Radiated From Hell


Based off of a fully fictional land


Main character= David . J. McHale

Birthdate= May 16, 1996


Age= 23 years old


Favorite color= Blue

Vehicle= 1998 jeep wrangler


Central city= Pitsonok

City 2 west of central= nostokih

City 3 across the north mountain range= horkostia

River 1= hitstipia river

North mountain range= ustukei Mountains

South east mountains= mount. Yustipokai

Mines 1= gortachi mines

Mines 2= froguthia joran mines

Town 1= Gitchei jueno

Town 2= huyshui

Town 3= mojuntera

Town 4= jutchakoe

Fields 1= frihhanotchua fields

Fields 2= kotchagown fields

Farm 1= Harolds butcher/crop farm

Abandoned farm 1= youshumei abandoned farm

Forest 1= kutchapiki Forests

Forest 2= Fuggatei Trek

Forest 3= Juppachiaa Forest

Cliffside 1= Yugaiha Cliffs

Desert 1= koanfugatch deserts

Main highway= squatch 3

Side highways 1= kunchaoru 43

Highway 2= highway heights

Side road 1= strawberry road

Side road 2= forgotten plc.

Side road 3= katchapp street

Side road 4= kiwi road

Side road 5= orangatang plc.

Side road 6= long road

Side road 7= carl street

Park 1= bumblebee park

Park 2= pencilvayn park

Park 3= 100 street park

Hiking trail 1= kotchagrounds walk

Hiking trail 2= joshtanei hiking ways

Hiking trail 3= itcheivoin paths

Burnt forest 1= gratchia forests

Lake 1= paul lake

Lake 2= juan lake

Lake 3= josh lake

Lake 4= frosty lake

Lake 4= washington lake

Lake 5= orion lake

Lake 6= hoshei lake

Lake 7= ushai lake

Lake 8= waterfields lake

Lake 9= yutchea lake

Lake 10= hoshki lake

Lake 11= ishaikei lake

Canyon 1= kotchkeishei canyons

Island 1= fewtchure islands

Island 2= botchkotchie isl.

Island 3= zeroa island

Ocean 1= pacific ocean

Sunken ship 1= hms. Kitchkie

Drowned town 1= town hoachtei plobshkotch

News channel= news 83



1- hortch= enemy

2- koatchroe= enemy

3- kitchakeet= tame

4- liferetchit= gives life=tame

5- adtakitch=enemy=poison

6- utchainey=tame=bird

7- mutated pony=tame

8- Radioactive cow=tame

9- paraheet=enemy=flying

10- lizardshei=enemy=flying lizard

11- kinhitch=tame

12- butching bird=enemy

13- super chicken=tame=give speed

14- jepsinike=enemy

15- holiedei=enemy

16- koatchi=enemy

17- jibkich=tame



1- Jeffery=medical

2- Josh=weaponry

3- Utain=blacksmith

4- Fibbien=sniper

5- Lillianne=undercover tactical

This is only part of what I have in mind but need opinions.


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Is it just a list of the names of places and things?

There really isn't much here to give an opinion on yet.  We don't know anything about the game this is for.  From the "side characters" it seems like it might involve military personnel, but that's about all I can infer... radiation and mutants might indicate some sort of post-apocalyptic setting?

Are the names of streets important for the game, or just trivial details many players may not notice?


Why are there so many lakes? Does the game involve exploring those, or allow players to use them tactically?

Does the player interact with the news channel? Is it a source of information?

Why are there mutated and radioactive things?


Little details like the names of things don't really need feedback, I would suggest taking your idea back to the basics, and explain the type of game, what the player will actually be doing, etc.


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In my game Radiated From Hell..You are correct. It is a game based in a post apocalyptic enviorment. You start out in a cutscene where you are sitting down on a chair around 5 in the morning watching the news (News 83). And they start talking about large amounts of radiation coming from around the earths core. You have to survive in this massive rpg world where everything has been affected by this radiation and the lakes are their to explore. Swim under water in them and find sunken boats and animals in the water. You can hunt for food or you can scavenge a massive amount of buildings as well as I have added bunkers into the game as to over time certain areas can have more radiation than others. You can find metal and steel and other materials like that in the mines and tunnels. The hiking trails are just for scenery as they can be walked through and there are no boundaries in the map itself. Find weapons, clothes, food. If you can find vehicles some might have gas but others you have to find gas through the map. The story line isn't developed or really planned fully yet as I have had a very big mind block currently as to what I should do for a original story line. 

I am working on learning c sharp code and hopefully will either use unity 5 or the cry engine. I would love to know which one would be better for this type of game and would love a programmer/coder to work with me. I sadly can't pay so it is very limited but will split game profits and could be real good friends. I know I am asking a lot but it would mean the world to me. Thx

Edited by Tom Sloper
recruiting wording

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You can't use C# for CryEngine, so your choice is pretty easy. CryEngine is also harder to learn and work with.

Is there a message, or moral or something you want to get across with your story?  A certain feel you want to get across?

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6 hours ago, WarriorGames said:

I am working on learning c sharp code and hopefully will either use unity 5 or the cry engine. I would love to know which one would be better for this type of game and would love a programmer/coder to work with me. I sadly can't pay so it is very limited but will split game profits and could be real good friends. I know I am asking a lot but it would mean the world to me. Thx

This game design forum is the best place to get feedback on your game's design. But if you're going to ask which engine to use, you should post that question in For Beginners. And don't recruit in any of these discussion forums. Recruiting and team formation are not permitted except in the Hobby Project Classifieds. Because this thread asks an off-topic question and delves into recruiting, it may get locked if the replies go in those directions. 

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