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It's good and I will be playing it more.

What I really liked:

+ How the battle gets intense when you near the enemy castle. It's really fun.

+ That reaching the castle means the monsters can't block advancing monsters. This will make range Units important as you add more cards; love this idea.

+ How the swarming works. That second level had me in a corner because I focused only on one side.

+ The monster upgrade mechanic is good.

+ The fact that the player always has two spells, being able to relay on them was important to many of the choices.

+ The game has actual strategy, a must have for any card game.


What I didn't like:

- Slow a bit, latter when you have more content you could reduce the field size.

- The graphics. The website feels cheap, and the art you have doesn't sell the idea.


Very fun game, good work!

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Yeah, graphics still need a lot of work, 'tis true. 
Question: when you say it's a bit slow, do you mean that it takes too long to cross the field or that the game slows down processing-wise?  If it's the first, I've been considering taking out the hasted attack all the units currently have but then allow them to be summoned further away from base.
P.S. thank you so much for the review.

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12 hours ago, SkyPenguin said:

If it's the first, I've been considering taking out the hasted attack all the units currently have but then allow them to be summoned further away from base.

Yes it's the first.

It takes a few turns to reach the enemy and during the early turns the player has to ware out the enemy forces. So often the first few turns feels like nothing is really happening.

Your idea sounds like it could work.

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version B.34 released (thought I'd give an update every ten versions or so).
Still no summon sickness but wall/tower/cactus can now be cast on any allied square.
Barbed and Regenerate mechanics added. Slightly smarter AI. Few other things added including an All Chat in multiplayer lobby. (also a weak curse filter added)

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