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High end mic preamps - For VO and dialogue

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RSPE in California just told me the mainstay in VO booths at many of the major production houses is the BAE 1073...can someone confirm? However they said Millenia, Grace, and Avalon stuff is all rider acceptable to incoming VO artists.

Was also wondering if anyone has any hands on experience with the Manley Voxbox?


Asking about HARDWARE ONLY

...please do not reply telling me about plugins or how its not about the gear.

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The Millenia HV-3C is suuuuper clean. Almost too sterile for character acting. Great for audiobook and other long-form reads.

The Grace m101 is a nice "off-white" option in my opinion, but it can get a little thin for my taste. Might be ok for female talent.

I'm a big fan of the Avalon M5 (or more so the 737SP). This is my go-to choice. Great for Commercial/Promo work. Excellent for character work as well.

I actually did not like the BAE 1073. Shot them out against the Hairball Audio Lola and much preferred the low-end on the Lola. Low-mids on the BAE are a little cloudy.

The Focusrite ISA One is also worth mentioning! To me this is most similar to the Grace, but with just a tad more color and depth. Great for character work.

The Manley VoxBox is an amazing strip! I got to use one once or twice. Really liked it, but its quite a bit out of my budget!

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