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OpenGL Loading texture from dds file

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to complete OpenGL tutorial

And I faced a problem when loading texture from dds file to my triangle. Here is my code (basically from the tutorial):

Load DDS from file(Texture.cpp):

Vertex shader:

Fragment shader:

dds file:

rendered window:

In main file I call drawing triangle, I call texture.Bind();

Also I tried to manually set uv points in fragment shader, and it seems working(color might be changed based on coordinates). 


If you have any idea, will be really appreciated.



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Ok, I got an idea. It seems something wrong with uv coordinates.

Because, when I changed one row in vertex shader to 

UV = vertexPosition_modelspace.xy;

I got ugly stretched texture on my triangle.

Maybe I filled buffer in a wrong way.

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The problem was I created in a separate file another buffer and vertex array object. Here in texture I haven't created such object.

So I need to move this code to the place where vertex array object is bound.

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