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I make a game on my own. I do not use forums (until now) or social media programs to talk about it, I just do it. So the problem is: I finished the game, I published the game for android, no one (ok, 3 persons) check the game. So I see 2 possibilities: either the game is really, really bad (I suck) or I have no idea how to promote my game (this one is true for sure). I really think the game is rather fun but maybe I completely wrong. So, how the hell I check if my game is good or not and how the hell can I do some little promotion of my game for free. I would stop caring about the game if the game is really bad, but I sincerely think it is not. I would be grateful if someone post an opinion about this.


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Sounds like you need some feedback! :)

Share the link and ask if people are willing to give it a go. Maybe make a video in case people don't want to or aren't able to play.


Have you read the "Indie Marketing For Noobs" articles in the GameDev Unboxed column, and Pixel Prospector's Marketing Guide for Game Developers?  They should give you some ideas for marketing your game.


Hope that helps! :)

Also, welcome to the community! :)

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Oh, great, thank you very much. I did not want to add a link because people could consider that spam.

The link is this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HouseAndMoon.RGBfromMarsorWhatever

I also create a page for the game in this very site 

There are a video, some screenshots and links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where you can see more videos. The game is really composed of minigames.

Thank you for your time :)


The links you share seems very interesting. Thank you.




Edited by HouseAndMoon

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I haven't had a good look yet, but straight away the title and description leap out at me, with the "whatever".

It sounds like you either don't really care about the game, or you're not confident in it.  Neither of those attract a player to investigate your game.

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Some good advice from jbadams.  Also the game title does not grab me either. But from your OP, the second option (for now), you don’t know how to promote your game.


Have you thought about spending a little bit of money advertising if you need some quick installs to get going.  Google AdWords I found best for this (Universal app campaign).  They are currently doing a ‘receive £75 if you spend £25 offer’ (I live in the UK, but I’m sure they do a similar offer elsewhere).

From this alone you should get well over a 1000 installs and, hopefully, some feedback.

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Ok, thanks for the comment, I didn't thought about it! And maybe you are right. The tittle intention was to show the ridiculousness of the games and movies that try to make a serious topic about something really, really absurd: like an invasion from Mars. The game is not focused on the story at all but just on a supposed funny (and hard) gameplay but people could just interpret the tittle as you do. Maybe I make a big mistake with the tittle.

Thanks jbadams, I really appreciate you take your time to help me.




Ok, the tittle seems to be really a problem. I do not have much money for promotion and I don't even know if the game is good enough. I did a not so good game and I make big mistakes like the one with the tittle?

Thanks for your time.




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It sounds like this is your first game, or at least the first you've published?

I wouldn't spend money on marketing this one.  You've done really well to create and release a complete game, a lot of people don't make it to this stage - almost noone is successful with their first game though! Do what you can for free, and it'll provide a great learning experience. Your next game will be even better, you will have learned some valuable lessons from marketing this game, and you will get more value out of investing some money if necessary.

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Thanks for your comments !!! I understand what you say and I agree. I just have a confidence problem. If i suck doing funny games I just prefer knowing it as soon as possible :/ There are already a lot of not very original, not very funny games. 

By the way, it is my first "published" game :). If I am not totally into the result I do not show it. I also have another game almost done and other proofs of concept. I also have old massive mods for strategy games (also un-published) :) and yes maybe I'm not very practical...



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3 hours ago, HouseAndMoon said:

Ok, the tittle seems to be really a problem

You should congratulate yourself for just releasing a game.  I don’t think the title is necessarily a big mistake (I was just giving my personal opinion) and certainly not why you’ve only got 3 installs. Make that 4 now as I’ve tried your game out.  The game is good fun! Well done, and yes I see there are different games in one.  If I can point out a few minor things.  The instructions at the start of playing some levels tells you what the controls are, but not what you are actually suppose to achieve on that level (e.g. the china one).  Also are each level suppose to just go on and on forever, like Tetris? Or is there a way to eventually win and move on to the next level.

£25 on AdWords (while that promotion exists) and assuming you can easily afford it, is just a simple ‘espresso’ type shot to get things moving. I assume you want to make money out of this game as it contains adverts and also allows you to buy a non advert version.  Don’t do this option if money is that short and don’t expect this to earn any money back straight away. As the article listed earlier points out, expect to put time into this, there is no free (time/money) way of promotion.  I wish you lots of luck.

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Thanks again for your comments. Yes, the instructions could be better, I already was worried about that issue.

Its is going forever like Tetris, but every minute and a half (aprox, depending on the difficult) you reach a new harder level.  Tetris was part of my inspiration, also was Pang, Puyo Puyo and standard schmups.

You really help me today with your comments, I take them very seriously.

Best regards.

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