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Mobile SFML in android

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Can I use SFML to create a android app and is it good idea to do so ? I am so confuse right now to choose between SFML and SDL to learn . I liked SFML cause it is more Object oriented but Don't have android support(yet) on the other hand SDL have android support but is C based API.Some post on github tell that it is possible to use SFML in android but my question is that is it good Idea to do so? will app made in SFML C++ perform worse or equal to Java app on android ? I am really noob to Android and Game development.I can Only make some small Android apps using Java on Android and some some Calculator level apps using GTK+ on Linux, So I am pretty noob here. I don't know which to chose SDL or SFML but as My requirement for Android and Linux please also suggest me that should I choose SFML or SDL for learning ?

Thanks for help in advance :)

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SFML is a pleasure to work with, but their webpage has been saying "... and soon Android & iOS" for several years now. If you can get it to work on Android (you can find out with a simple test), I can't imagine why it would be slower than a Java app.


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Take a look at LibGDX. It's Java, it's modern and actively developed, and it is supposed to have very good and easy Android support (more or less one-click deployment, in theory). I personally haven't tried Android builds with LibGDX yet, but on desktop Linux it works great. Feature-wise, it is comparable to SFML, although the API is somewhat different. With some basic understanding of modern 2D graphics you'll get into it easily.

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