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Hello, my name is Arrol Howze.

I'm a trained animator and one half of the "Weird Castle" team. My sister and I are creating a Pixel/3D underwater platformer for mobile. Pics or it didn't happen right?

We are pretty much finished with a playable demo of the "Basic Pond". My sister is coding this one, while I still learning (when I'll find the time, I'll decide on a small project). I'd say we just need to adjust the colors, she's working on the saving mechanism, and re-adjusting the assets for "player flow."

Anyway we want to launch a Kickstarter to recoup some of our costs on the demo. When we release the demo, post it around and use that exposure to get some angel investment. We're going for the "activism game" market with ocean conservation, and want to work with various aquatic charities, etc. 


But none of this is possible without an Internet following. I've been told hooking up with a community would be smart for various reasons, chief among them advice. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

1. Slowly try to grow our fan base on concept alone for the next 2 months (deadline), before a playable demo?

2. Launch a Kickstarter for the demo NOW and shop the campaign around?

3. Some other option I haven't considered?


Weird Castle is also open for gigs: castleweird@gmail.com

So if you like what you see, and want to PAY for some help hit us up with an email. We do 2D, 3D, Cinema Effects, Animation, Coding, Graphic Design, Pixel Art, Vector Art and more, between us. Don't be shy.





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    • By bryandalo
      Good day,

      I just wanted to share our casual game that is available for android.

      Description: Fight your way from the ravenous plant monster for survival through flips. The rules are simple, drag and release your phone screen. Improve your skills and show it to your friends with the games quirky ranks. Select an array of characters using the orb you acquire throughout the game.

      Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HellmodeGames.FlipEscape&hl=en
    • By Manuel Berger
      Hello fellow devs!
      Once again I started working on an 2D adventure game and right now I'm doing the character-movement/animation. I'm not a big math guy and I was happy about my solution, but soon I realized that it's flawed.
      My player has 5 walking-animations, mirrored for the left side: up, upright, right, downright, down. With the atan2 function I get the angle between player and destination. To get an index from 0 to 4, I divide PI by 5 and see how many times it goes into the player-destination angle.

      In Pseudo-Code:
      angle = atan2(destination.x - player.x, destination.y - player.y) //swapped y and x to get mirrored angle around the y axis
      index = (int) (angle / (PI / 5));
      PlayAnimation(index); //0 = up, 1 = up_right, 2 = right, 3 = down_right, 4 = down

      Besides the fact that when angle is equal to PI it produces an index of 5, this works like a charm. Or at least I thought so at first. When I tested it, I realized that the up and down animation is playing more often than the others, which is pretty logical, since they have double the angle.

      What I'm trying to achieve is something like this, but with equal angles, so that up and down has the same range as all other directions.

      I can't get my head around it. Any suggestions? Is the whole approach doomed?

      Thank you in advance for any input!
    • By _RoboCat_
      Can anyone point me into good direction how to resolve this?
      I have flat mesh made from many quads (size 1x1 each) each split into 2 triangles. (made procedural)
      What i want to achieve is : "merge" small quads into bigger ones (show on picture 01), English is not my mother language and my search got no result... maybe i just form question wrong.
      i have array[][] where i store "map" information, for now i'm looking for blobs of same value in it -> and then for each position i create 1 quad. and on end create mesh from all.
      is there any good algorithm for creating mesh between random points on same plane? less triangles better. Or "de-tesselate" this to bigger/less triangles/quads?
      Also i would like to find "edges" and create "faces" between edge points (picture 02 shows what i want to achieve).
      No need for whole code, just if someone can point me in good direction would be nice.

    • By khawk
      Watch the latest from Unity.
    • By Karol Plewa
      I am working on a project where I'm trying to use Forward Plus Rendering on point lights. I have a simple reflective scene with many point lights moving around it. I am using effects file (.fx) to keep my shaders in one place. I am having a problem with Compute Shader code. I cannot get it to work properly and calculate the tiles and lighting properly. 
      Is there anyone that is wishing to help me set up my compute shader?
      Thank you in advance for any replies and interest!
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