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Good title for a medieval city builder?

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Im doing a topdown, realtime, 2D city-builder/strategy game with TD influences. It's sort of a mix between Stronghold, Banished and they are Billions. You build your medieval town, extract resources and erect defences and troops attack you from outside the map. It's both a complex economy, citizen demands (food, water, health, religion etc) and a defence game. Maybe some attack elements as well (similar to stronghold).

What is some nice name suggestions? I'll start it off (comment these as well as give more suggestions:)

Township (this is an Andriod game though...)
Of stone and Iron
Spade and Spear
Rook and Peasant
Rook and Pawn :)
Lords of XXX (some name)


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Posted (edited)

What's the fantasy that you're fulfilling for the player? The name should convey this to the player. Banished and They Are Billions are good examples.

Spade and Spear has nice alliteration. Does it convey the time period you're aiming for?

Rook and Pawn is good, too. It suggests chess-like strategy. Is that what you're going for? What geographical markets are you targeting?

Of Stone and Iron sounds more primitive to me, like an early iron age civ game. Is that what you're going for? Do you really need the "Of" in front?

Township is short and fairly memorable for a game name, although others may disagree.

Lords of XXX is generic. It could be good if XXX is really spot-on, though. But in that case you might as well just use XXX by itself.

What are existing products with similar names?

Competitors? You don't want to name your game Township if there's already a game named Better Township.

For which ones can you get a good domain name, if that's important to you?

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Posted (edited)

Good points!

Spade and spear is somewhat of a favorite of mine. It conveys there is both building/civilian work and combat. I agree that "lord of Elderstone" (or whatever) could probably just be called "Elderstone". That specific example sounds fairly morrowind-esque!

It's not similar to chess at all so maybe that's a strange name (rook and pawn). It sounds cool though:)

The "competitors" are those i listed i guess. If someone can come up with more examples of similar games i am grateful.

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You might want to grab that domain then while you can. It does make me think of a pre-medieval setting, though.

Banished and They Are Billions are good names not only because they convey a mood (Banished - outcasts surviving against the odds; They Are Billions - standing against an unceasing tide of zombies) but also because they incorporate verb forms, which imply action or intent. Spade and Spear, while alliterative, is only two nouns. Just a thought.

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I understand this post is a bit old, but I wanted to offer my two cents. 

My suggestion would be to use a one word game name.

Some suggestions could be:



As for the reason to pick any one name, could be that the title is the name of your world, it could be the name of an object you need to retrieve, it be be the name of a castle that you need to conquer.  

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I would actually say that Lord (or other title) of *TownName* is a better than just TownName: it tells player that he will be in the role of ruler and gives insight into the nature of the game -- strategy. This allows to classify game by its very title, the title speaks for itself.

And developing the thought about verbs in the title, you can come along C&C lines and use something like

Build & Defend

Build & Harvest

just search for better synonyms.


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