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Code examples of Legacy Tutorials of OpenGL

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So I've started in learning OpenGL , then I found the NeHe website and its Legacy Tutorials  (here is the link ).But the problem is that I can't download any   examples of code ( neither C code examples nor any other language ) .As you see it is impossible to download . Does anyone has expamles of C code of this lessons ?  And the second question. If I prefer coding on C , should I choose GLUT but not an OpenGL ?

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I have all the NeHe source code. I am translating them in French for the second time. I translated the 6 first lessons. I am recompiling them with Visual Studio 2017. I removed GLAUX from all the lessons. I am trying to find an other way to load BITMAPS. I am currently trying BMP.h and BMP.cpp from Ic_overlord.

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On 3/24/2018 at 3:29 PM, Elwin said:

should I choose GLUT

GLUT has not had any updates/support for years now, there are far better solutions available such as SDL, SFML, etc.  NeHe tutorials are very much outdated and honestly not worth taking the time to learn.  Unless you're writing a book on ancient technology 😉

A few better sites to learn modern OpenGL:

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49 minutes ago, bobby03 said:

I have a working program whitout GLUT or GLAUX

Me too.

#include <iostream>

int main()
  	std::cout << "NeHe considered harmful in 2018\n";
	return 0;


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