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Online tycoon transport game

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Hello !

I plan to make my first online game.

Here is the plan : a tycoon game online, where there is one big world map with an infinite size. Trucks are going all around the map synced on all clients where trucks are visible. There are production lines created by players : server have to handle each custom factory of each player so lot of processing in real time for the server. ( items running on tracks, items in machine creating other items ...)

I want to use Unity and a custom server with UDP , encrypted with a challenge protocole at players authentification.

Do you have any tips to make that run smoothly ?

Id like to handle 100 ccu but the real problem is handling factories of every player even offline ...

Maybe a server handling online users and a fat server processing factories ?

Thank you for your time ! 

(Im French excuse for perhaps bad english)

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Sounds like the RTS-style "deterministic lockstep" networking model would work fine for this.

Look for the "1,500 archers on a 28.8 kbps modem" article about Age of Empires networking; it's the classic introduction to this model.

When you allow players to join late and drop out / reconnect, you will also have to have a "load all state so you can join" step during connection, in addition to what that article suggests, but otherwise it would be a good match.


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