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Ryan Hopkins

Unity How To Approach all this?

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34 minutes ago, Ryan Hopkins said:

well not real time but like how u say have it like dump it?

like mainly how do i get my unity game talking to a dedicated server? which is running what ever it needs to run (please explain) and also the db "mysql" preferably? i know i probs sound stupuid here but yea! im clueless! and everyone has to ask these questions at somepoint?

I don't work with Unity unfortunately, but I would suggest starting here: 



You'll want to be very familiar with how networking is handled using your engine. After you're able to establish a client server connect, then the final step is having your server access your database to read and write. :) You can look into:



to work with a script that directly connects to your database. Otherwise you'll want to look into script calling using C# directly. I rarely use C# and cannot offer much assistance regarding the steps. Possibly this video might help? 


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