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3D How to create these effects.

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hi all,

how to implement this type of effect ? volumetric.png.3e85650884855611f1c91649b8cb6327.png

Also what is this effect called? this is considered volumetric lighting?

what are the options of doing this? 
a. billboard? but i want this to have the 3D effect that when we rotate the camera we can still have that 3d feel.

b. a transparent 3d mesh? and we can animate it as well?

need your expert advise.



2. how to implement things like fireball projectile (shot from a monster) (billboard texture or a 3d mesh)?


Note: im using OpenGL ES 2.0 on mobile. 



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Looking at the picture, my first intuition to do this would be to have multiple planes with the Hexagon texture blurred and with decreasing alpha the further away it is from the ground. Also, there seems to be an alpha gradient on the effect the further it is away from the camera. Changing this as you rotate the camera might be the tricky part.

There are likely more optimized ways of doing this, but maybe it's a starting point, so hope this helps.

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