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I draw in a OpenGL framebuffer. All is fine but it eats FPS (frames per second), hence I wonder if I could execute the framebuffer drawing only every 5-10th loop or so?

Many thanks


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are you using that framebuffer as a texture? or do you mean framebuffer as in render target?

You should only draw when you need to. for example, if nothing changes in your scene, there's no need to redraw everything. use dirty flags or something to know when something has changed

Without knowing more about your application, i can only say drawing to  your framebuffer every 5-10 frames is fine if you don't need to draw to it every frame

Also, make sure your profiling, sometimes the bottleneck is not where you think it is

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Did you try to draw directly to the backbuffer? 

What is the size of your framebuffer?

How complex is the shader that's using the texture attached to your framebuffer?

As what iedoc said, the bottleneck can be anywhere.

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