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C++ Initializer list woes

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template<typename T> struct Thing {
  Thing(std::initializer_list<T> arr) {...}

template<typename T> struct Arbiter {
  template<typename ...Args> Arbiter(type stuff, Args ...args) : subject(args...) {...}
  T subject;

typedef Arbiter<Thing<int32u>> Arbiter32u;

Arbiter32u test1(stuff, {1U,2U,3U}); // error C2661 : no overloaded function takes 2 arguments
auto wtf = {1U,2U,3U};
Arbiter32u test2(stuff, wtf); // this is fine

Why does 'test1' fail where 'test2' is fine? Presumably the constructor used is removed by SFINAE - but why? SFINAE unfortunately masks out whatever goes wrong leaving me just puzzled :/.


Found something relevant to the 'auto' special rule:

... still not sure i get it.

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Arbiter32u test1(stuff, {1U,2U,3U});

What is {1U,2U,3U}? Is that just an array of unsigned ints, a std::initializer_list, or? The compiler most likely doesn't know you are wanting to pass a std::initializer_list since your passing it to args. When you use auto the compiler is able to deduce it to a std::initializer_list before passing it to the args.

This would work fine since you are actually passing the list to the args, which represents one object/arg:

Arbiter32u test1(0, std::initializer_list<int32u>({ 1U,2U,3U }));

As a matter of fact, you should be able to do this as well since you are allowing multiple args to be passed:

Arbiter32u test1(0, std::initializer_list<int32u>({ 1U,2U,3U }), 0, 1, 2, 3.0, 4);
Arbiter32u test1(0, std::initializer_list<unsigned int>({ 1U,2U,3U }), 0, std::initializer_list<unsigned int>({ 1U,2U,3U }), 2, 3.0, 4);


If you add this, just as an example. then it would work fine for just your std::initializer_list so you can use Arbiter32u test1(stuff, {1U,2U,3U}):

template<typename ...Args> Arbiter(int stuff, std::initializer_list<int32u> args) : subject(args) { }


Perhaps someone with more knowledge on this would have better information for you.

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