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Lightmap generation + UV

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I always was interested into lightmap generation and UV generation (the famous second UV channel).
I never found very well doc about it, to generate the lighting and UV correctly, also the lighting has to match the dynamic lighting to be clean.
Any links or book chapter or just a discussion there about it ?
Thank you !

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Some tools for automatic UV generation: (used in some Halo and other games) (from The Witness)

Also, 3D modeling tools have auto unwrap functionality. You may use this with some batch files as well.

There is still lots of ongoing research, so no right or best way to do this stuff.


To bake the lighting you could look into the radiosity method or path tracing, or use modeling tools like Blender if they can generate all the data you need.

There is the important question what to store as well: Just radiosity for the normal or some directional information for bump mapping or even reflections as well (but how? primary light direction, SH, SG...?)

There have been many detailed discussions here on the site if you dare to search :)

1 hour ago, Alundra said:

also the lighting has to match the dynamic lighting to be clean.

You mean the problem to apply indirect baked lighting to dynamic objects as well?

First thing that comes into mind is a grid (or some sparser distribution) of SH probes and to interpolate them. But there are again many options and approaches. 


This has good introduction on the topic and shows the solution for the game The Order:

'Rendering Quantum Break' - interesting approach to unify dynamic / static with voxels:

Really cutting edge, paper available too:


... to list just a few recent references. Older games like Quake may be still relevant.



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