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Looking for partners on learning/personal growth project(s)

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I'm looking for people to collaborate with on a (small scoped) project of our choosing.  I'm ideally looking for something that we can publish to an app store in under 6 months and then reassess the situation before deciding on next steps.  I'm not terribly concerned about genre/art/2Dvs3D/platform/etc, I think it's more important to gather a group of like-minded individuals and then make those choices once we understand the skillset of the people involved.  I want to treat this as a learning experience, a way to add another game to our CVs, and potentially as a way to meet people who can continue to collaborate in the future.

Full Disclosure

I've tried this in the past (using the similar Reddit forum) and gotten burned every time.  Because of that, I want to make sure that I'm only collaborating with people who will be directly contributing to the product - art/sound/animation/development/etc.  I'm not looking to work with people whose responsibilities are limited to entrepenuer/"idea man"/project management.

About Me

By day, I'm a Principal Software Architect at an enterprise software firm.  I've been working in Software Development for around 15 years, mainly focusing on the Microsoft stack - C++, C#, .NET, WPF, databases and most recently with modern architecture (containers, Docker, REST APIs, RabbitMQ, etc etc).  I have many years of Product Ownership, Project Management, and leading a dev team from an idea to a released product, so I can very comfortably "rein in" the scope of work, ensure we're driving towards an MVP, and make sure we're all on the same page about decisions we're making. 

By night, I'm a hobby Game Developer.  I've been playing with game dev for years (like basically every person who gets into Software Dev) from DirectX 9 through XNA, GameMaker Studio, and the last 5 or so years have been in Unity3D.  Feel free to browse my Github (https://github.com/natertots).  I've "published" a couple very, very basic games by myself.  Here's one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NaterTots.Sloth .  Don't get your hopes up.

Being an architect by profession, I sometimes focus on spending too much time architecting the "perfect" solution to a problem.  Case in point - I've spent the last couple weeks making a Data I/O layer to more easily create data objects that get serialized/deserialized generically from any of a number of locations (locally, web, save location).  I have a strong programming background and feel comfortable implementing most any aspect of a game.

About You

A passionate contributor: art/sound/animation/development/etc.  Experience level doesn't matter.  I don't think we should try to enforce hours/time contribution, just as long as we're not stalling and continually making progress, even if it slows at times.

Someone who's in it to learn and get better.  We're not going to make the next PUBG or WoW.  I don't even want to have the expectation that the focus of this project is to make money.

A good communicator.  I've had the best experience working with a combination of Slack and Trello.  I'm in the EST time zone and will spend most of my working time around 8pm-midnight, so being available at some point during those times to chat would be a big plus.  

Willing to work in Unity 3D and (if a dev) program in C#.  Sorry this is a narrow scope, but since I've focused so much effort on ramping up on this platform and language, I would rather not shift away from it.  Note: I'm just looking for people "willing", not necessarily experienced.


I look forward to working with you,


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Hi Nate,


I'm a professional Game Dev (day job) and hobbiest by night (when I'm not too tired from the day job).

I'm currently at a point where I'd like to start some projects but get burned out too quickly or my ideas quickly fade to nothing simply because I lack motivation to do them.

Perhaps we could talk (DM) about teaming up, I'm hoping having someone else on a project will help motivate me to keep going!




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I would be interested in knowing more. I am a hobbyist modeler who has worked in many engines and would like to learn more about this project.

Skype VinnieMc or leave a contact reply!

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Hi, not sure if you’re still looking for members but if so I’d be keen to join.

I’m a C# developer developer by day and over the past few years have tinkered with pretty much any game engine that supports the language. I’ve never completed a project however I’m still learning the hard way that game dev is it’s own beast and failure to plan will repeatedly send you back to square one.

I’d really like to work in a small team to improve my skills and ideally complete a project. 

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