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Thomas Schmitz

New composer, just posted demo reel

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Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas Schmitz and I am a new video game music composer/producer from St. Louis, Missouri.  I just posted my demo reel on Soundcloud.

My primary influences include Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda), Jerry Martin (The SIMS), and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy).  I compose and produce in a variety of styles with a focus on symphonic and electronic presentations, sometimes mixing the two genres.

All the songs on my demo reel are available for exclusive licensing, and I can also compose and produce original music to meet the demands of a specific game design.

I look forward to anyone's feedback, and [deleted by moderator] I'd love to hear from you.  Thank you!


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I think your style is very unique and the motifs are not too cliche which keeps you listening.

Some tracks sound a little bit muddy because of the reverb. Are you using a default setting?

The variety in style is very nice, although I can see all of these tracks being used in a single game. Very cool.

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Thanks for the feedback and your kind words, Anthony.  I'm using the RV7000 MKII Reverb from Reason.  It's decent, but I've been looking at getting a new reverb.  I think that's part of the issue with the muddiness, but I do tweak the reverb settings for everything.  For the third track with acoustic/classical guitar and tambourine, it does have a muddy swimmy feel to it, and maybe the notes are overlapping too much, I had that thought, but when I made it less wet or took down the decay it seemed to lose it's magic.  It sounds like it's in a castle main hall or something, or that's the feel I was going for.  I have a big orchestral version but it was more charming just the simple guitar so I used that for the demo reel.  But thanks for your feedback and the reverb issue is something I'll look at closer.

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