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Hands off approach to MMORPG/Kingdom sim

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To best explain my concept of Enigma Online requires a significant deviation from the common rules regarding MMO games. Please, allow me to elaborate.

Apon startup you assume the role of a Corporation Owner on the planet Enigma in the Procyon star system. After a brief management tutorial, you hire your first Player Character. This is where Engima differs greatly from conventional MMORPG's. 

You PC's operate independently and without your direct control based on a predefined set of characteristics, you select upon character creation.


-His/Her Persona defines how they are perceived and to a greater extent how they interact with the world. For example, the Icon Persona is revered as a celebrity either loved or hated based on karma attained.   

-His/Her Archetype dictates the class role you have selected for them to maintain. For example, the Soldier Archetype will by default lean toward combat and physically related activities as opposed to scholarly activities as is the case of a Scientist. 

-Their Archetypes are further divided into Professions based on choices you make as the PC evolves. This is where the true flexibility of this system derives. Tasks are assigned to your PC based on the direction you want to take your Company. Over time your character will develop an affinity for these tasks and perform them even when your AFK. 


A multitude of hidden modifiers greatly influences the way your PC interacts with the world and other PCs in it. Remember you only assign tasks to your PC's you do not have direct control over them. Watch as they develop intimate relationships, share knowledge and carry out missions together.

Your goal is to build an Industrial Empire in the Procyon star system. Gather precious resources, reverse engineer powerful alien artifacts, design revolutionary technology, discover and breed exotic lifeforms, become a galactic celebrity, conduct industrial espionage or become a pioneer in cutting-edge genetic engineering. This is the first game where you create a Company based on your real life Sci-Fi dreams whether it be the ultimate collector of rare alien life, renowned for engineering and selling the systems most advanced cybernetics, forming a powerful new religious order or a ruthless war monger with goals of planetary domination.   

As your empire grows by way of Corporate Additions, employees based on the specific addition will be added to your company roster. For example, a Chemical Processing Department includes 1 technician and 1 harvesting agent who can be assigned research and gathering tasks in that department. 

A major element of the game will be terraforming planets for other PCs to explore and develop. This is reserved for successful high-level Corporations with the resources and technology capable of Planet Crafting. New planets garner the opportunity for new alien life forms either indigenous or genetically engineered. Perhaps the existence of ancient alien technology or exotic new materials. Watch as other PCs explore your planet, keep track of the discoveries made and forever be known as that planets founder.

I have been compiling my thoughts and in the process accumulated tons of documentation and assets over the past 5 years. I'm curious to know what's the next logical step to get the ball rolling? Also, keep in mind I would like for this to be a graphically simple, much simpler than the demo I had 3 years ago. Perhaps pixel art, specifically to accommodate a mobile application. 

Any and all feedback would be so very helpful. 

EO Title Screen.jpg

EO Gameplay.jpg

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Precisely the same conclusion others have suggested. The question is to what extent or scale? In other words how fleshed out does the prototype need to be? I believe that the concept could be conveyed with basically no visual assets, in fact a proof of concept, something to demonstrate the mechanics would only require text.


Say for example you create said character with certain perameters and then assign him/her instructions to interact with the world. This would only require the algorithm to decipher exactly how that particular interaction occurred. So who they met and what additional events take place on the way, the likely hood of success completion. Also random factors such as would they become side tracked if not compensated well enough for example.


Do you believe this would be sufficient? Or would my demo need to include graphics as well? Ive already invested $10000 on the AI programming 2 years ago so I have a big headstart if no visual assets are required. Again, I've been working on this for 6 years. I'm 35 now and finally have enough extra money to get the ball rolling. I just don't want to throw it down the toilet like I did before paying for a bunch of expensive artwork.


Thanks again to ye who has already published a mobile game application.

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A prototype is supposed to contain the core mechanics of the game so that when you play it, you have a good idea of what the final thing is gonna play like. From your art, it seems the game has combat in it. Combat is usually the most important thing in a game and the interactions that the player make are only a mean to set the player up to combat. Does the player need to read stats to know which proper combat action to make? Then you need text. If interpreting animations is a combat mechanic, then of course, you need to have animations. If animations are only a visual effect, then you can use static art for your prototype. A lot of free art resources exist online, you don't need to have good art for a prototype.

The prototype is a way to predict whether the game is worth developing to the end. If your ideas worked on paper, but don't work in the prototype, then you go back to the drawing board then forth and back with prototyping until you're satisfied.

Game development is expensive which is why most indie developers are jacks of all trades. Unless you have a huge stack of money, you're gonna need to learn how to make games yourself. Just for fun, find a game that looks like what you want to make, and then find the budget they had to make it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. This game is different in that you don't actually control how the PC interacts with his/her environment. Its very akin to the Sim in a SciFi MMO setting. 

The gameplay graphics shown above are not an accurate portrayal of my vision. Graphically the game will be very  plain. No user input controls, so little by way of programming an interface. All the heavy lifting will be done internally and displayed as statistics. 


Anyway I'm not trying to defend it's simplicity. I truly appreciate your confirmation of the next logical step. Hopefully I'll be back with an update within 6 months. I'm getting ready to sink another $15k into programming.

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