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Mini Team needed for Mini Game

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Before read everything i am honest:

Payment after release you get your percentage lifetime for that project.



i dont need your inspirations, ideas, music or designs.

My head is full with that.

I need workers who i can trust.




Please let us talk in discord.

I got a lot of stuff planned, there is much work to do.


But first my team and me try to start with a small mini game and we need maybe exactly you.

Planned for more than pc, like ps4, xbox one and mobile - so its very important to us to hopefully welcome a programmer.


The mini game will be part of the planned big game. There will be never before seen guns and gameplay, you will get deeper info if youre a safe part of the team.


I need:



Zbrush pros


Join here please:


You find me here:

Joerg Federmann Composing#2898



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