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Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

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Yes, you are both right,  the architecture items are the earliest in the series. I have a better stone wall texture since, but I didn't remapped it yet. I moved on with the furniture since. Actually I draw a lot of inspiration from the Elder Scrolls series, especially the earlier daedric style, but had to rethink, since I didn't want my stuff to be too otherwordly. Yeah the Spiky throne just calls for an ambulace, but hey, it is still more safe than a Throne made entirely from swords, right? :)

About the bevels and custom normals: Blender has a cool little addon called Weight Normals, it works quite nicely, if I remember correctly, it creates custom normals depending on the size of a face, so if there is a tiny bevel on the side of a big fat quad, it will create the normals in favor of the bigger, smoother surface. I usually don't get to edit the normals manually, just fiddle around with the autosmooth angle to get it right. Bigger structures (like the columns edges) got baked from highpoly. Small details like the wood carvings got created from alphas in PS. The odd one out was the wardrobe, it's triangle pattern was baked from a beveled Bezier curve to try out how it will turn out.

And here comes this week's batch:




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And here is the last piece of furniture. The pack is near ready. I have to do some polishing on the models, and then pack it all up into Unity. I hope I will hear from you guys soon! desk01_1.thumb.PNG.888e22ace6019a2f136284ddd280df29.PNG

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This is starting to look fantastic. The wood material is really realistic, silhouette is looking great.

The only problem I notice this time is the legs of the model in the left, looks flat and low poly compared to the rest of the model.


You have reached such a high quality that it highlights the Unity engine problems. In this case the light leaking into the left model because of the low res shadow. Try a higher resolution shadow and play with the bias settings of the shadows.

You will want to push the engine to the limit when taking screenshots.

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