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I just looked at an interesting web browser game called Call of War 1942.  The idea is to keep playing you purchase gold with pay pal (interesting idea.)  It is pretty much pay right away.  The game is pretty impressive.  I was wondering if anyone could venture to tell me what programming language/languages are in use.  The content is great with a video right away that takes no time to load.  Than after a quick first win a professional pop-up declares your victory.  The screen has the choice of moving tanks, etc.  which happens right on the screen.  It really is a neat game so far, so how was it made? 



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It's likely to be either one of two things:

  • A flash game built with flash
  • HTML 5 game made with javascript

It's also possible it's using a backend API, probably built with PHP.

Languages used:

  • HTMl 5 (markup language)
  • JavaScript
  • Possibly a framework or two (easeljs)
  • PHP or C# / Java (Backend language / api )
  • (for realtime games using web sockets (
  • Nodejs

Have a look at the following:

This is a suite of libraries used to create games/interactive web programs using HTML and Javascript. They deal with all the boilerplate, nitty gritty stuff you'd have to do youself.

Will teach you the basics of a html 5 game.

It also might be worth looking at laravel (and pontentiall learning php)


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