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Would you like to work full time in the industry? Our job board currently has a number of roles available, including:


Psyonix are looking for a senior gameplay programmer in San Diego CA to implement and maintain gameplay systems in Rocket League.

Psyonix are also looking for an online services engineer, prop artist, and technical sound designer.


BitGuild Blockchain Game Platform are looking for a full stack engineer, and product manager in San Francisco.


Drone Champions AG are looking for an online programmer in Lichtenstein to join their core team. Click through for full details.


Our portal also has a range of other jobs, and you can sign up for alerts for jobs that match your needs. You can access jobs through our Careers menu, or the tab on the homepage.


Want to advertise your own jobs?

Our job board has very competitive rates for 45 day listings, and your listings will get great exposure.

We also have a Hobby Projects Classifieds forumfor unpaid hobby collaboration.


Why is this topic here?

The above job listings are a paid service with the site. All funds help to keep the site online, and hopefully an active job board will reduce our reliance on banner advertising in the future so we can give you a better browsing experience.

We hope those looking for jobs will also find the increased visibility valuable by showing you the jobs available, and those who aren't interested don't find a pinned topic for a couple of days to be overly intrusive.

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