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C++ Program for a Eula...

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I am interested in creating a EULA for a project of mine.  Some other posts have explained about there being a feature in Visual Studio that does this, but unfortunately my express version doesn't have this (2015.)  I'm not trying to protect the software with keys, etc.  just an agreement to click on one time.  I could create a dialog with the API but I am unsure of the reality of saving the agreed state so that the license is only viewed once per use.  How is this done?  Is it easy/documented enough?  I also found :  Inno Setup, that someone else was trying to use that apparently would do the job.  I'm thinking something like this will probably be the answer, does anyone have a recommendation for any software of this sort?  What I'm wondering is could I get some suggestions for a solution to me that is easy as possible?  The project is in C++.


Thank  you,



Edit:  I am being unclear.  I would like a EULA that can be passed along with the sharing of the software with others.

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