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Help! I need one or more programmers

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Hi! I have several game ideas that I would eventually like to see to fruition; but I am not a skilled programmer and need help.
I would like to work with someone to help my ideas become a reality. I would assume that programming would be in something like Godot Engine or Game Maker Studio (I have GMS1.4).
Game ideas include: a "fighting" match 3 vs game, a turn based tactical RPG game (actually I would like to make several using the game engine and tools we come up with), a dungeon building RTS game, and other games.

I have game design documents for all my projects and hopefully each game would target Windows and Linux. All games have a multiplayer component.
The goal is just to make fun games we can enjoy and hopefully others will enjoy.
I cannot afford to hire anyone, I work a day job and am doing these games in my limited spare time.
I would like to meet dedicated and seriously motivated folks to help!

Please contact me directly at gmail "luckygreentiger".


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Dude, that will never work. Everybody has "several game ideas". So do programmers. And they will always prefer their own ideas over yours.

Additionally, each of your ideas might take years to complete. That requires a whole lot of dedication and time they won't have for any other project. And how should they develop dedication when you yourself are only talking about "several ideas" instead of one project you're eager to complete?

Next, you don't want to pay or even share revenues while excluding newbes by explicitly seeking for the pros.

Don't get me wrong here, no harm intended. But I'm pretty sure, you won't get many responses other than this.

If you really want to get your stuff done, pick your favorite project and focus on that one. Maybe you also want to start coding. Many game designers, sound designers, graphics artists, you name it, do at least a little bit of coding themselves to prototype their ideas.

Either way, I wish you all the best and good luck with whatever project you're going for :)

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