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Bret Marisnick

C++ Anyone know anything about users being able to modify levels?

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Hey guys!

Ok so I have been developing some ideas to get to work on and I have one specifically that I need some assistance with. The App will be called “A Walk On the Beach.” It’s somewhat of a 3D representation of the Apple app “Calm.” The idea is that you can take a virtual stroll up and down a pier on the beach. Building the level of a pier seems self explanatory to me... but my question is this.... How could I make it so that players can leave notes on the pier for other users to read and or respond to? I was thinking something like a virtual “peg board” at the end of the pier where players can “pin up” pictures or post it’s.

Any advice on how I could accomplish this would be helpful!

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it's a form of multiplayer, so there should be a host.

Either a server or one of the players has to hold the mainworld, while the others interact with it via internet, seeing only a replication of said mainworld.

If you do not require instant updates on those note, you could have the game 'refresh' on start-up or other conditions, loading all changed/added notes to the billboards and removing deleted ones. Then the player's wouldn't need to have a server-connection all the time and could play offline, while occasionally getting 'updates' on the billboards once they enter WLAN again. EDIT: you would still need a server/host to hold the shared information, however.

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