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Corey Bennett

Game Suggestion [SURVIVAL GAME]

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Hello and thanks for taking your time and reading!
This is a bunch of suggestions for a game creator
This game will be based off a survival type game but it has multiplayer as well
Suggestions: Your person gets thrown over board at sea by pirates than jumps in a floating device that drifts to the closest island. Your character than has to battle the harsh environment of this large island. There are a few Bars on the bottom left of the screen that show: Hunger, Fatigue, Hydrated and Warmth these will determine how your player deals with the environments challenges, for example if your player has Fatigue and doesn't get much sleep that will affect the time it takes to cut down a tree and another example is if you don't drink water and get dehydrated your player than cant sprint. 
Island: This is SUPER dense and thick with shrubby type bushes and really tall trees with vines on them, there are broekn branches laying around on the floor of the forest and rocks that can be filled with Charcoal or Metal Ore, Theres also rubbish scattered over the floor of the forest, things like Plastic, Sheet Metal, Plastic Tarp or simple things like Sticks and Logs. The floor is old brown leaves. Some parts of the island has nice beaches whilst other parts of the island has rocky cliffs. There will be wild animals through out this island that can hurt you or be a nice meal if killed. Some items can wash up such as Plastic bottles, Drift Wood, Plastic, Sticks, Mud, Clay Tin Cans and much more.
Items: of course this game will need items here are just a few: Wooden hatchet, Stone Hatchet, Metal Hatchet, Nails, Rocks, Binoculars, Wooden Raft, Spear, Bow, Arrow, Vine Net (fishing), Fish pole, Basic Wooden Fence, Basic Wooden gate, Wooden Scaffold (wall), Wooden Door, Rope, Potato, Small Fireplace, Wooden Plank, Metal Hook, Tincan (for carrying water), Crafting Bench, Small Farm Land, Large Farm Land, Coconut, Palm leaf, Wood Logs, Small Storage, Large Storage, Small water Chatcher, Large Water Chatcher, Ladder, Bed, Sleeping Bag, Water Purifier, barbecue, Fridge, Camp Fire, Furnace, Lantern, Research Table, Bear Head trophy, Pig Head Trophy, Wolf Head trophy, Shark Head Trophy, Small fishing net, Large fishing net, small wooden fish trap, Small water Storage Barrel, Pipe, Large Water Storage Barrel, Weapon Table lvl 1, Weapon Table lvl 2, Weapon Table lvl 3, Anvil, Animal Fat, Bone, Salt Water, Fresh Water, Mud, Clay, Cloth, Charcoal, Empty Tin Can, Metal Fragments, Leather, metal Ore, Stone, Hide T-Shirt, Hide Vest, Hide Pants, Hide Boots, Leather Gloves, Wooden Helmet, Wooden Chestplate, Wooden pants, Metal Chestplate, Metal Leggings,Apple,Bear Meat,Wolf Meat, Shark Meat, Deer Meat,Snake Meat, Pig Meat, Turkey Meat, Bird meat, Sting Ray Meat, Crab Meat,COD Meat, Perch Meat, FlatHead Meat, Herring Meat, Carp Meat, Darter Meat, Trout Meat, Turtle Shell, Turtle Meat, Octopus Meat, Octopus Tentacle, Crab Pot/Trap,Wild Cat Meat, Corn, Pumpkin, BeetRoot, Potato, Carrot, Wool, Sheet metal, plastic Tarp, Sticks, ALL THE MEATS ARE RAW AT FIRST AND CAN BE COOKED (of course things will be added over time)
For those who want more detail about the game Message me

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It seems to me that you want to design games, not really program them, or create assets for them. That's fine, but you've got to go beyond the general idea. If you want to convince other people to work on your idea, you have to work extra hard to convince them that your idea is, at the same time unique and possible. 

As a starting point, take a look at the short video below explaining what a game designer usually do


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This thread does not belong in the Career Development forum (OP did not ask about how to get a career in games - he shared a game idea, perhaps in the hope that someone would make the game). It also doesn't belong in the Game Design forum (OP didn't ask for feedback on the concept), so this is moving to the Lounge for the time being.

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I find eventual automation to be a great solution, games like Factorio and Minecraft both have good solutions. As the player progresses automation and efficiency increases allowing for more time to be spent on other activities rather than tedious operations.

Factorio's endgame is also well designed as the more automation your create, the more pollution you create which mutates and enrages nearby wildlife which ramps up attacks. Beating the game requires the player to maximize efficiency to reduce pollution to leave the planet (by building a ship at the top tiers of tech).

I personally hate how Minecraft made two aspects of the game competing with eachother. Exploration and base building. The procedurally created world is amazing to explore and full of wonder, but the amount of time dedicated to climb the tiers of technology and difficulty of moving a base make exploration less feasible. I'm sure there are mods out there that help promote exploration, but it was one of my (minor) annoyances with Minecraft.

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