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R&D Looking for Related Work and feedback concerning "Approaches to Game AI under Consideration of Gameplay Mechanics"

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Hello dear AI folk,

like I said in my Bachelor thesis post, I am done with my Bachelor thesis and the accomodating research project, that we discussed above. I wanted to thank you all for your previous feedback and to present you what came from it.


Originally the thesis was supposed to have 60 pages - my university decided to split it into 20 pages of research project and 40 pages of hands-on work (prototype) with documentation for all students...

I don't really understand why the separation, something about "People tend to forget the scientific workflow when they are not forced to do so within the research project ...

it felt like doing 2 BA thesises (thesees? thesis's?) at the same time, within a very constrained number pages ...

I hope it is an interesting read (20 pages), should you care to have a look. I was very satisfied with this one (more so than with the BA thesis), even though it did not receive any grade.

Again, feedback is very welcome, as I want to grow from it.

Anyway, I felt like this thread was incomplete, if I did not post the result in the end.

Thank you all for your suggestions! Even though they were frustrating at times, they really helped me to improve!

EDIT: The piece is written to give other students a shortcut to what architecture they could pick, so it is addressed at beginners!

PS. Both pieces seem rather Buzzfeed'esque to me. Maybe that's all you get in a Bachelor thesis?


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