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Looking for feedback: Roguelike Hacking Simulator

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Posted (edited)

I've just finished a proof-of-concept and I'm looking for feedback.

The world takes place in a terminal and the user hacks through systems for some end goal (the first scenario is to hack your way through a network and kill a drone passenger by killing the drone's autopilot).  The user discovers/purchases exploits (future) which can then be used on systems to gain control over them.  One of the areas I find difficult is balancing measures vs. counter-measures, though this simple prototype doesn't get there yet.

Levels will be defined by networks that have collections of interconnected systems that can be hacked, allowing access to systems deeper in the network (the target).  

It's developed in C on Linux (using ncurses).  The image shows illustrates a sample scenario for stealing bitcoin from a system.  Full source is available at https://github.com/mtimjones/spectre.




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Posted (edited)

Great idea and the execution looks solid.

Did you get inspiration from Hacknet?

If you don't know it yet, take a look: 

It's even on sale for 2,49€ right now (no I don't get anything for advertising :().


Some advice on your code would be to add more comments and make your variable names more purposeful.

Some parts of the code are hard to understand which could be fixed by just leaving a simple sentence description for each function.


I don't have much experience in C-Development but would it be hard to implement a config file where you get all numbers from?

I've seen a few config variables in your functions (on the geolocator I think) which might be better to keep in a config location.

e.g. I am using json files which hold my entire configuration.

Magic numbers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_number_(programming)) could lead to bad code structure and make functions harder to understand and change later on.

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