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DX11 Commandline Texture Compression Tool

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I am looking for a usefull commandline based texture compression tool with the rights to be able to ship with my application. It should have following caps:

  • Supports all major image format as source files (jpeg, png, tga, bmp)
  • Export as DDS
  • Compression Formats BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC7

I am actually using the nvdxt tool from Nvidia, but it does not support BC4 (which I need for one-channel 8bit textures). Everything else which I found wasn't really useful.

Any suggestions?



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Have you had a look at DirectXTech? https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectXTex

texconv sounds like it does everything that you need it to.

Note: I'm not interpreting the license for you and the rights it may / may not give you to distribute it with your application.

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Posted (edited)

imagemagick can do that but I'm not sure if they have BC4/7 support yet. DXT1/3/5 was definitely supported before.

No idea about the rights, you didn't even specify if it's a commercial application. But it's probably too large to use as a small side tool.

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