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DX12 How to use DirectX Control Panel

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I am trying to get the DirectX Control Panel to let me do something like changing the break severity but everything is greyed out.

Is there any way I can make the DirectX Control Panel work?

Here is a screenshot of the control panel.



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I don't think any of these options work since Windows 8 came out. You might look into debugging through PIX or Visual Studio's graphics debugger instead.

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It does work on windows 10 on my machine. I used it few times to force the debug layer on. You see that Edit list button that you have focused on your screenshot? You must first click it and add at least one path to target your .exe. It is necessary to specify this path so you don't force the debug layer on everything DX related. People would forget that on and lag big time when actually playing a game. Once you've added a path everything will become available :




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