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Few design questions

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I have several questions in my mind about designing games, so I would like to know your answers, I will post an answer according to my knowledge, but would love to hear back your opinion..

it's an opinion based design questions that are in my mind ?


1) For an action based car racing game with 6 cars on the track, what AI models and
algorithms would you suggest for the opponent cars? The target platforms also include
low performance devices, so consider CPU usage and state a processing time budget for
the AI that you believe to be reasonable or necessary (something like ”x% of a 60Hz
Frame on iPad 1 will/should be used for AI”).

I would suggest a path following (bezeir curve) and follow the points...


The problem is finding the path in a 3D FPS environment. Enemy soldiers should be able
to walk through the landscape without colliding with any obstacles. 


A* is feasible ?


You are tasked with implementing a geo-rewards feature in a multi-platform mobile
game; target platforms are Android and iOS. Players should be able to visit real world
locations and get various rewards in game. The game should include a map that shows
them their current location and nearby rewards. How would you go about planning and
implementing this feature? Are there any pitfalls or special cases you need to handle?



Consider a client/server stateful network application which must be able to handle
thousands of client requests simultaneously. What techniques and software types would
you suggest to implement a scaling system? How would you scale with an increasing
number of clients? How would you utilize multiple CPUs and multiple machines?



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Is this homework or a programming assignment/interview for a job or simliar? The wording makes it seem like you're copying this from somewhere.

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