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AVIStreamGetFrameOpen returns nullptr...

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Hey, hey, hey!

Would like to include in my game 2 short avi videos I made in Blender.

Went over NeHe lesson 35, it reads the supplied avi file but when I try to read my avi files,

they both give nullptr for lpbi because of pgf being nullptr on line 106, see below.

There is a similar post on stackoverflow, link here below as well.

Would you, please, update the tutorial, please?

Thank you so very much! ;-)))

PS. Here attached one of the avi files I am trying to read.

	pgf=AVIStreamGetFrameOpen(pavi, NULL);						// Create The PGETFRAME	Using Our Request Mode
	if (pgf==NULL)
		// An Error Occurred Opening The Frame
		MessageBox (HWND_DESKTOP, "Failed To Open The AVI Frame", "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

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