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the incredible smoker

Floating point edit box

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Hi, how would i read and write to a edit box text to float and float to text, with accuracy like the visual studio debugger ?

In the debugger i can fill in a number with 8 digits behind the point.

When i try this my numbers will change.

thanks in advance

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Posted (edited)

Read via GetWindowTextW() (or GetWindowTextA() if you are using multi-byte, or GetWindowText() if you change between Unicode and multi-byte sets via project settings).

Convert to text via swprintf_s() (or sprintf_s() for multi-byte sets or _stprintf_s() for use with TCHAR.h) using as many digits of precision as you want (%.17f prints a float out to 17 decimal places.  Read the Format Specifications).

Convert to a number via _wtof() or atof() (or _tstof() if using TCHAR.h).

L. Spiro

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