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Fastest Dialler | RELEASED

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Hey there :)

We are so excited to inform you guys that we have released Fastest Dialler on GooglePlay.

Please see the promo video: Youtube.

Fastest Dialler is a multiplayer 'tap' racing game which lets you compete with your friend via hotspot or a random opponent over the internet in a number dialling race!

Each match in Fastest Dialler has 5 rounds. In each round, you and your opponent will be given a random 7-digit number. Type the number as fast as you can in order to proceed to the next round. The one who completes all the rounds first wins the match.

• Hotspot + Internet capability
• Intuitive.
• Increases your dialling speed.
• Beautiful cars to choose from.
• Godly Fingers
• Awesome soundtrack

Things you can earn
• Godly Fingers automatically correct your wrong taps. You can use up to 5 godly fingers per match.
• Your title lets your opponent know who he/she is dealing with.
• You car represents your skills. Always have a great car, it makes your opponent nervous. 

Download it from here.

made with ♥ by loyalsheep








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We are so glad that you like it!

Although, we still haven't announced the game everywhere so there won't be that many people online to play with but you can always play with your friends locally (via hotspot). Or, just ping me here and I'll come there to play with you :) 

If you like the game, please share it to your friends!

Also, we are working on a mega update for this game right now and we plan to push it on Friday. We will spend all the time in promoting this game from Friday!

Have fun!

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