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Looking for a team

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My name's Jamie and I'm 19. I made a post similar to this one about a year ago, looking for a team.

A little about me; I'm a 3D modeller and game designer. My primary modelling software is Blender, I have recently began to use Substance Painter 2018 for texture and material work and I have far more experience with Unreal Engine 4 than I did when I first posted here. Organic models are not really my forte and I tend to focus on hard surface modelling and environmental work. 

I feel now is a good time to get involved with a team and sink my teeth into a project. Whether it be an already formed team or a team which is just getting together. I don't have much of a preference as far as game genre goes but with me being a 3D modeller, a 3D based project is a requirement. I'd love to work with a group of similar minded individuals who are passionate, ambitious and who have a desire to learn and grow as developers.

If you're interested in working together or have any further questions then feel free to send me a PM!

Link to my portfolio:

 (If you have any issues accessing the portfolio link then please let me know - the link has been a bit hit and miss recently, apologies about that) 



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Hi Jamie, I am putting together a team for a project called Bloodlines: Exile. An ancient military sandbox similar to Arma but set in an ancient fictional world with factions based around Rome and the Gaulish tribes. I can give you more info on it if you are interested.

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hi! i am looking for a team, although i am also a 3d modeler / rigger and designer, i use blender too,

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