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So, this might sound stupid, but...

Is an ESRB rating required to upload a mobile game to Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon Appstore? If it's not is there any benefit to doing so?

Thanks for your answer, in advance.

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Requirements depend on the platform. Each of those platforms you named may have their own requirements, so that's where to check on that. Offhand, though, I don't recall seeing ESRB ratings on the App Store, but I have observed that I am not particularly observant. 😛

As for benefit. Different audience segments draw conclusions (positive/negative) about ratings. Parents and grandparents may decide not to buy a game for young child if the rating is too high. Hardcore gamers might be turned off by a family-friendly rating. Those are just two segments, all I can think of offhand, where a rating might matter as to buying decision. You need to know which segments matter to your business, and satisfy that constituency. 

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