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Unreal Blueprint Question

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Hello. I need some help with one of my current projects. I use blueprints. I want to make an enemy (a giant creature) whose hands can follow the players (a small character) at any location, as long as they are in range. If they're not, the enemy walks and positions itself until its hands can get to the player. I want to create an effect where the player feels like the enemy is trying to grab or slap them, but I don't know if animations would be the best way to go. I don't know if the description above describes it well, so tell me if you want more info before helping me with this.

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Animations would work excellently if you use IK.  IK stands for inverse kinematics.  It can change information about the animation itself, such as where the head is looking, or where the hands are.  If you get it right, it can result really well.

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