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Brilliant game Idea of a GTA Primal.

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1 hour ago, sprotz said:

Broken English. It is "than" not 'then'

It is not being arrogant, but highly ambitious and of high standard.  'Veterans'? They sounded like clueless amateurs who fear 3D and stick to 2D. Saying this can't be made. Just search 'Lost soul aside" or "War storm" or "Bright memory" or "Banished" or "kiwi 64" and see what I mean.

It could be a cop out on their end, but at the same time some devs just work better with 2d rendering as opposed to to 3d.. and from their prospective it might just look better too. To each it's own imo.

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3 hours ago, Tom Sloper said:

Let's try to keep the conversation calm, please. Attack ideas, not people.

Agreed. Was that comment toward me? If so, I apologize.. didnt have any intentions on attacking anyone, and wasn't aware that I was. 

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This seems more and more like a pure troll. I'm not sure what the point of the thread is anymore. The op just continues to assert his/her excellence with nothing to back it up but rudeness and personal attacks. There is little actual exchange going on.

The utter ignorance of how game development actually works tells me this is just a trolling attempt at seeking attention.

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