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Tomcat/Glassfish non-web application(please help!)

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 All I want to do is create a java application that executes and performs server side polling on a turn based game after authentication to an address space(java web hosting service).I'm a couple years away from writing web applications that ran through a remote server, but leveraged my local tomcat server to perform the server side logic. 

First question, can tomcat/glassfish be used to generate non-web based applications?

Secondly.That being said, is it sufficient to simply use glassfish/tomcat to connect to a java-web hosting service(address space)? And is a web-hosting service simply an address space that runs java application code?



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There exist many different web hosting setups. You need to have a better description of what a "web hosting space" is for whatever host you're using.

There's nothing in Java preventing a Tomcat or Glassfish service from spawning a thread, calling bind() / listen() / accept() and running whatever protocol you want. However, wherever that Tomcat is running might have other requirements on processes that will make that not actually work the way you want.

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