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does anyone know where can we find 3d characters online?

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This is not a game design question. Moving it. 

If you're looking to hire an artist, you can check our Classifieds. If you want to find pre-made art assets, check our Your Announcements forum.

Please familiarize yourself with the nature of the different forums here. Most forums (like the Game Design forum, for instance) have descriptions attached to them, saying what the purpose of the forum is. 

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Hi david4121,

it depends on what styles, file formats and licenses you are looking for.

What is it you are exactly looking for? What do you need the models for?


As a starting point:

I use these in the past:


But you can also find a lot of free resources out there, if you are just starting out in game development or don't plan on commercial use.

Please read the license on carefully not all sites allow the same uses.


You might also like to have a look at the market place here. https://gamedev.market/

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