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Please make expertise of visual part of the game

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A 3D mobile (Andriod) game. Sci Fi setting. Puzzle-platformer.

Please,  somebody, make a some sort of expertise of visual aspect of the game. Just give me Your opinion.














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I'm guessing you mean 'critique' of the visuals.. I think it looks very nice, especially working under the limitations for mobile phones, very bold with the sci fi colours, and I recognise it is a trade off between visuals and performance. One thing I might change if it were me is putting in more shadows / ambient occlusion / lightmaps or something.

I know you might be going for the flat lighting look, and you have to work within the GPU limitations, but you might be able to e.g. precalculate some shadows for the terrain.

There was also a great ambient occlusion technique someone posted the other day, let me find it...


(although this may not be doable on the hardware, I haven't checked it in detail).

You may also be able to get away with a few more complex shaders (specular / roughness etc) at least in some places, as most of the lighting looks like just diffuse. The art style is almost crying out for this.

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Thank you very much. Especially for the link - I'll inspect it by all means.

Be sure I'll take your advices in my development.
I'm very grateful for any feedback.

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In my expert opinion, it's Russian :D .....
Actually I like to colors in the last 3 pics. I'm trying to get some ideas myself, on what style of visuals I want to have.

Edited by Gnollrunner

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Congratulations on making workable art. The things I like is: How the spiders stand out and look dangerous, The UI is clear and the water green water effects.

My advice is focus on lighting. It is the easiest way to improve the look of this art. Your scenes are very bright, the glowing textures don't even glow; making things a little bit darker would help.

The hard way to improve your art will be to remake all the textures and models. It looks like you got better at making models, so now the old ones don't match any more.

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9 hours ago, Gnollrunner said:

In my expert opinion, it's Russian

It's not a secret.))  I didn't try to hide my origin.))

Just more info:
It's planned a playtest at next week. If I'll have a time to full in-game text translation to english.

[request for offline conversation deleted by moderator]

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Little update:
Playtest delayed - localization WIP.
Simple dynamic shadows and mystery force field effect added:




Edited by Homeship

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