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DX11 How to realistically render the human heart?

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The attached rendering result about the human heart looks so realistic.

I would like to get some suggestion about how to reach this effect.

What I have is a surface triangle mesh of the heart (has vertex normals, but no color and no texture).

I think I need the following processes:

1. Use 3D Max to associate the surface model with a texture

2. Rendering with lighting (Is Phong shading sufficient?)

I am not sure if my consideration is correct or not.

Any suggestion are really appreciated.





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You will indeed need to craft a diffuse / normal texture at the very minimum. Perhaps also a specular / roughness map.

For the rest it depends how far you want to push it. Subsurface scattering is usually a nice effect to consider for human flesh :



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You may be able to get away with basic phong shading, but keep in mind that different materials have different specularities. For example, copper has a vastly different specular hightlight than say, a ball of iron. You may want to research the specularity used for the human heart. Also, Ambient occlusion and indirect lighting will also prove useful.

Assuming the polycount for the heart is below 20,000 polygons, you will definitely need a normal map for the ridges of the heart. Also a specular map for controlling the specular amount at different parts of the heart. Make sure you have a skybox or an environment light for better ambient lighting.

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Thank you so much for both of your detailed explanation.

From your explanation, it looks I need to create a normal map, specular map and texture map and use Phong shading by considering ambient lighting.


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