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Begginer at writting for video games.

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On 8/5/2018 at 7:58 PM, skydragon5555 said:

5. Also I can translate games to Spanish (because native from Spain), French and although with more problems to Russian. Should I offer myself as a Translator too

Most people know English nowadays. Here in Russia, English copies are of more value, than Russian ones, because much more effort is being put into producing the English version (in fact, game designers and other people in charge closely watch it), while translated versions are of dubious quality, made by people who just don't care ("all your base are belong to us" is a notorious example). I still can't stand the annoying Russian Warcraft III translation, while I bought the localized version, I still had to buy pirate English version CD, because it is impossible to get official untranslated version in Russia. Same with software, like Windows OS - the Russian translation is total garbage and makes it impossible to use online HOWTOs. I heard from Germans the same: all games translated to German language are botched. So if you don't want people pirating your game, then give them the English version, with translation being non-mandatory. Unfortunately many countries have these nationalistic language/culture protection laws, so you cant just sell English versions to them, but online markets changed that.

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