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Eric F.

DX11 Good font for testing rendering engine

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Hi all.

I'm looking for a font to test my 2D text rendering using DirectX 11. I would need a truetype font that has correct kerning and valid other properties such as baseline, advance, scale, etc.

I tried Arial on Windows, but I'm not sure if it's the version I have but I cannot get the kerning working.

It would be great if there was a font that is guaranteed to have most properties and that they be valid.

Any ideas on the best font to use for testing?


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Pretty sure Arial still has traditional kerning tables, at least for Latin glyphs (having kerning pairs for all the glyphs in Unicode is not practical). Do you support OpenType GPOS tables? It has more advanced support for positioning including kerning for large numbers of glyphs, and some fonts may use it exclusively.

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