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Are there simple games that build on a single asset?

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I'd like to create a simple multiplayer game designed around a single asset, you could call it tokens or bullets or power points, but I find it difficult to come up with some very core concepts. Now I'm looking for inspiration.

I'm thinking in terms of a command line game in terms of simplicity and the way you'd play is transferring your assets to someone else, or to a pool or a "duel". I want to run it on a blockchain if that helps to understand.

My main issue is figuring out how not to hoard the tokens and instead use them to fight or collaborate with others.

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4 hours ago, romeozor said:

a simple multiplayer game designed around a single asset,

What do you mean by "asset"? To me, assets, in game development, are the visual and audio files - animations, objects, effects, icons, beeps, music, etc.  You're using the word to mean "virtual goods" or "in-game value," apparently. There's another recent thread, about "value in games," that may touch upon what you're trying to do. In effect, you're saying "I want to design an in-game economy, but what should the economy be based on?"  And I think that's a backward approach. All parties in an economy both contribute and take from economy - businesses provide goods to workers and everyone in exchange for money, workers provide labor in exchange for money, etc. You are contemplating creating an economy in a vacuum, without first deciding what is the universe in which the economy resides. Maybe it's time to think about game genres, and a theme.

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