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Creating sprite animations with tool - recommendation

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Currently I use Spriter to create my animations for my 2D unity game.

Does anyone have a tool they like better? Not worried about cost under $3,000. Just want to make sure im using the best tool for the job.




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There is no "best" software for anything, only different software with its own perks and faults; so with that in mind:

Photoshop: Yes, it can do everything. It has all the tools spriter has and much-much more. That is also Photoshops weakness; it has so many tools and functions that even the people who own it don't realize it can do so much. Frustrating workflow at times.

My advice is if you won Photoshop always search on the net "how to do X in Photoshop" before looking for new software.



-- Adobe Character Animator: This is a secondary mention. Like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator, these are just focused software. This is a focused character animator.

If you are familiar with Photoshop and have money to waste you can take a look at Adobe Character Animator; but the other tools on the list are better.

-- Adobe Animate: Same as above it is just a focused general animator. These software are more aimed at people who believe expensive software is better,


Spine: Spine is the only 2D animation software that has a unique set of tools that you can't find in just any 2D animation software. The downside to Spine is that although it is easier to understand than Photoshop, it is probably the hardest to use 2D animation software.

Spine is what I recommend.

Aseprite: Aseprite, simple and effective with both a free and paid version. Supper easy to learn. Downside, is that it was meant for more old school animation.

Aseprite is a great tool and loved by many indie developers.


3D Animation software. If you have 3D software and know how to use it for animations, then just stick with it. All the 2D animation tools are easier to use versions of 3D tools. If you are new to animations, then starting with 2D is easier.

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Thanks for the awesome reply. I didn't see it for a while.

I was thinking Spline because I saw it's reviews and looked good. I have Adobe CC, so I can easily use them. I tend not to use Adobe when I need because they're like the Microsoft of Art. So over-fluffed it's gets hard to get things done fast.

I thought about Blender and I have some experience in Studio 3D. Made 3 models. I like the 3D tools, but since these are mainly zelda and side scrollers in 2d. I don't need anything devastating.

Sounds like Spline it is.

Note: I liked Spriter, but they shorted me because I use the mac. Menus are 80% working and I had to redo stuff a lot and would occasionally loose saves.Once you get used to that it was like Flash Animation on steroids.


Again, thanks for the info. Sorry it took so long to reply.

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@Scouting Ninja If you see this as it's been a while because of me. Are you using Spline Essential or Pro. Essential is good enough, but Pro looks like you can create awesome effects really fast. The price is a little discerning tho. 

Just curious if the additional price is truly worth it. It does look like it is. Seems like fluid animations would be much faster to create with the Pro.

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